Here is a list of reviews completed by Decaf-a-Nation.  The list is organized by country/state of the roaster or coffee shop that sells the coffee.  If there are multiple reviews of coffee from a roaster, the most recent review will be listed last.  Updated 7/5/2018.


Better Buzz Coffee (cafe visit, 16oz Decaf Americano, 2017)
Blue Bottle Coffee (Night Light Decaf, 2017)
Copa Vida Coffee (Decaf Medellin, 2017)
James Coffee Co. (cafe visit, 16oz Decaf Americano, 2017)


Amavida Coffee Company (cafe visit, 16oz Decaf Ethiopian, 2017)
Amavida Coffee Company (Peru Decaf, Norandino Cooperative, 2017)


Brewhemia (cafe visit, Ross Street Roasting, 16oz Decaf Coffee, 2017)
Cafe del Sol (Water Process Decaf Organic Peru Vienna Roast, 2017)
Java House (cafe visit, 16oz Decaf Coffee, 2017)


PTs Coffee Roasters (SWP Decaf Blend - Central American Selects, 2017)


Blueprint Coffee (cafe visit, 16oz Decaf Caldas, 2017)
Brick & Mortar Coffee (Decaf Colombia, 2017)
The Coffee Ethic (cafe visit, 12oz Decaf Colombian Sugar Cane Process, 2017)
Goat Hill Coffee & Soda Co. (cafe visit, 12oz Decaf Americano, 2017)
Lakota Coffee Company (Decaf Colombian French Roast, 2017)
Post Coffee Company (Decaf Colombian, 2017)
Shaw's Coffee Roasters Ltd (cafe visit, 16oz Decaf Colombia, 2017)
Shortwave Coffee (Decaf Mexico MWP, 2017)
Stringbean Coffee (Decaf SWP Costa Rica, 2017)
Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters (cafe visit, 12oz Decaf Laid Back, 2017)

New York

Peaks Coffee Company (Colombia Sugarcane E.A. Decaf, 2017)


Holderness Coffee Company (Decaf SWP (Brazil), 2018)


Bluff City Coffee (Decaf Espresso Blend, 2017)


Slate Coffee Roasters (Nightcap - Swiss Water Decaf, 2017)


Anodyne Coffee Roasters (Decaf MWP Mexico Chiapas, 2017)
Just Coffee Co-Op (Espresso Monkey Decaf (Medium Roast), 2017)

Non-United States


Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. (Mexican Organic Decaf (SWP), 2018)
Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. (Thai Organic Decaf (SWP), 2018)
Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. (Decaf Espresso (SWP), 2018)