Second Verse, as Good as the First?

Regular readers of this blog have already learned about the delightful Mexican Organic Decaf (SWP) that we recently reviewed from Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Company.  It was an amazing, refreshing decaffeinated coffee experience that we wholeheartedly recommend.

While many roasters would be content to stop with one outstanding decaffeinated coffee, the people at Blue Spruce Decaf wanted more.  They wanted to produce a series of outstanding decaffeinated coffees that decaf drinkers could enjoy. 

After quickly making our way through our first pound of coffee from Blue Spruce Decaf, we were almost giddy with anticipation of another outstanding decaffeinated coffee experience.  The primary question for us was which decaf should we open next?  Would it be their Thai Organic Decaf?  Or should we go with their Organic Decaf Espresso?

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The Greatest Decaf to Hit the Market?

On a cold, January morning we received an email that could best be described as intriguing.  Its subject screamed “Review the Greatest New Decaf to Hit the Market. “  It was from a new producer of decaffeinated coffees, the Blue Spruce Decaffeinated Coffee Co.  According to their website, they aspired to “produce the world’s finest decaf coffee.”

Hmmm, color me intrigued. Would the confidence found in this email translate into their decaf coffee?  Would this be the “greatest new decaf to hit the market”? 

After all, that’s quite the lofty goal, particularly given the many outstanding decaffeinated coffees that we’ve already sampled during this project.  And while I had no doubt that this new roaster was going to be producing a very good – even excellent – decaffeinated coffee, would it be “the greatest”?

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Fresher Coffee Really is Better

This is the story of two people who lived in Iowa City, IA for over ten years.  These people drank lots of coffee during their time living there.  And yet, neither of them discovered the simple joy of brewing Café del Sol’s coffee until a visit nearly a decade after they left. 

We're those people.   

Café del Sol is a longtime micro roaster located in the Iowa City area.  According to their Facebook page, they’ve been roasting coffee for the Iowa City region since 1990, meaning they were already an established purveyor of coffee by the time each of us arrived in town in the latter part of that decade. 

We remember seeing their coffee for sale at the Co-Op and Farmer’s Market.  But we never bought it to drink during the decade that we lived in Iowa City.

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