The Greatest Decaf to Hit the Market?

Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.

Location: Calgary, Alberta

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Roast Date: unknown
Arrival Date: 2/2/2018
Brew Date: 2/8/2018
Coffee Roaster:  Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.
Drink: Mexican Organic Decaf (SWP)
Grind: Medium-Coarse
Brewing Method: Hario v60 pour over

Special Offer: The owner of Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co., Chad Polski, is offering readers of this blog a special discount on his coffee
1. Valid for two weeks (if the post goes out on March 15, then the code is valid until March 28).
2. This code entitles the user to 20% off of their purchase.

On a cold, January morning we received an email that could best be described as intriguing.  Its subject screamed “Review the Greatest New Decaf to Hit the Market. “  It was from a new producer of decaffeinated coffees, the Blue Spruce Decaffeinated Coffee Co.  According to their website, they aspired to “produce the world’s finest decaf coffee.”

Hmmm, color me intrigued. Would the confidence found in this email translate into their decaf coffee?  Would this be the “greatest new decaf to hit the market”? 

After all, that’s quite the lofty goal, particularly given the many outstanding decaffeinated coffees that we’ve already sampled during this project.  And while I had no doubt that this new roaster was going to be producing a very good – even excellent – decaffeinated coffee, would it be “the greatest”?

A little further investigation into this offer and Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. revealed that their coffee is being roasted by Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee Roasters, a coffee roaster from Calgary, Alberta.  The beans they are roasting are the epitome of socially responsible decaffeinated coffees – they’re Organic, single origin, and Swiss Water Process

A bag of Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.'s Mexican Organic Decaf coffee.

A bag of Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.'s Mexican Organic Decaf coffee.

Currently they have three different decaffeinated coffees available – their Mexican Organic Decaf, a Thai Organic Decaf, and a Decaf Espresso. Their Mexican Organic was labelled as a medium roast, while their other two decaffeinated coffees are dark roasts.

Given their care to produce an ethical, chemical-free decaffeinated coffee, there had to be hope – and maybe even an expectation – that it was going to be great. 

So, of course I jumped at the chance to taste it.

After corresponding with the owner, I went away for a week of training for work and promptly forgot about the decaf coffee.  So imagine my surprise that when I arrived home there was a package waiting at my door – the coffee was finally here!

After consulting with Laura (and knowing that some of her favorite decaffeinated coffees have involved beans from Central America), we agreed to start with their Swiss Water Process Mexican Organic Decaf. 

Upon opening the package I was immediately greeted with the strong, beautiful smell of a decadent coffee.  It was a strong, earthy smell – the smell of a good, medium to dark roast.

Ahhh.  I’d been missing that smell. 

Mexican Organic Decaf coffee beans from Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.

Mexican Organic Decaf coffee beans from Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.

After grinding the beans and heating the water, I was ready to start our pour-over coffee using our Hario v60 brewer. 

Once the first cup of coffee was ready, it was time to taste it.  And boy, it didn’t disappoint!  The first sip of this coffee was incredibly smooth, but with an intriguing bite in its aftertaste.  While the roast is described as a medium roast, the richness of taste found in this decaffeinated coffee compares favorably with many of the darker roasts that we’ve been drinking.

Of course, if you’ve been reading my reviews you’ll know that this is a good characteristic of any coffee that we drink.

As I continued to drink this decaffeinated coffee, I couldn’t help but think of fine wine, and particularly the concept of terroir.  We don’t hear about terroir in relation to coffee like we do with wine, but it still is a factor in understanding the coffee you are drinking.

Mexican Organic Decaf coffee beans from Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.

Mexican Organic Decaf coffee beans from Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.

And in drinking this coffee, I couldn’t help but to admire the way the roast emphasizes the unique qualities of a decaf Mexican coffee. 

Earthy, smooth, and mild all can describe Mexican coffees.  But Mexican coffees can also be robust & flavorful.

What’s great about this decaffeinated coffee is that it combines all of those qualities.

After drinking this coffee for several days, Laura remarked one morning how great this decaffeinated coffee was.  And I had to agree.  It is a decaf that is light enough for her tastes, but dark enough for mine.

So is it the greatest decaf of all time?

I don’t know.  But it’s certainly a contender.

He said:  I would wholeheartedly recommend Blue Spruce Coffee Co.’s Mexican Organic Decaf , a Swiss Water Process decaf,  to anyone who thinks that you have to give up taste when you remove the caffeine.  It’s a decadent decaf that would satisfy the most discerning coffee drinker, despite being decaffeinated.  It’s smooth, strong, and earthy, but ultimately is one of the best decaffeinated coffees I’ve had since starting this blog a year ago.  If you love coffee – and you drink decaf – then you should hurry out and purchase this amazing coffee.